Top 10 Sugar Free Sports Drinks

All athletes need sugar free sports drinks. Because too much sugar affects the body’s metabolism which results in reduced energy production affecting ones stamina and maximum physical performance.

Without stamina, an athlete will not progress in his athletic career or any dream of Olympic pursuit.Whether you are an athlete or not, it is proper to know as to what are the best sugar free sportsdrinks available in the market.

1. All Sports Zero

All Sports Zero

All Sports Zero is a sugar free sports drink. It contains zero calories and no sugar. It’s calories and sugar free content makes it different from the other sports drink. It has an 85mg of sodium which is within normal range for sports drinks.

2. Getorade G Series Pro 02 Perform-Gartolytes

Getorade G Series Pro 02 Perform

It is a sugar free electrolyte drink. It is calorie and sugar- free with sodium content of 792 mg. This product is manufactured and produced by Gatorade.

3. Glaceau  SmartWater

Glaceau  SmartWater

Glaceau Smart Water is another sports drink which is also a sugar free.  Again it has zero calories and contains no sodium.

4. Glaceau Smarter Vitamin Water Zero

Glaceau Smarter Vitamin Water Zero

Glaceau Smarter Vitamin Water Zero is a sugar free electrolyte drink. It contains the following nutrients: no calories and no sugar.It has 2 grams of carbohydrates which is just within the average contents for any Glaceau Water Sports Drinks. It is manufactured and produced by Coca Cola.

5. Powerade Zero

Powerade Zero

The Powerade Zero has no calories, thus making it to this list. It also does not contain carbohydrates. However, it has a sodium content of 100 grams which is greater compared to other sports drinks.

6. Propel Zero

Propel Zero

Another sports drink that is sugar-free is Propel Zero. It has no calories which makes it better than the other Propel Sports Drinks. It contains no carbohydrates compared to other brand. Sodium content is 80 grams which is greater than other Propel Sports Drinks.

7. So Be Lifewater Electrolytes

Lifewater Electrolytes

This product is a sugar free electrolyte drink. It has no calorie content compared to other sports drinks.It has 3 grams of carbohydrate contents which is greater than the other.It has 25 grams of sodium contents.

8. Nutrilite Sports Drink

Nutrilite Sports Drink

This sports drink contains no sweeteners or any other kind of artificial colorings or flavorings. It has no added preservatives. Furthermore, it is a sugar free electrolytes drink good for the production of body energy.

9. Nunn


Nunn is a sugar- free electrolyte drink tablets. It contains no sugar or any carbohydrates. It is considered as an energy booster because it helpsthe muscle functionsand  in burning body energy. There are varieties of fruit flavors to choose from, like strawberry, banana, grape and other tropical fruits.

10. Pro-Lytes


A sugar free electrolyte sports drinks which improve athletes performances, Pro-Lytes enhances the proper balance and proportion of the electrolytes in the human body system.

To enhance athletic performance, one must constantly take sugar free sports drinks. Did we miss out any of your favorites in our list?

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