Top 10 Most Reliable Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting sites are convenient and very easy to use, but a lot of them don’t pay you your winnings. For the online sports bettor, you need to find the most reliable sports betting sitesout there. These trusted sites are where you can safely place your bets without doubts or any second thoughts. Note that all sites mentioned below are powered by trusted software like: Playtech, Cryptologic and Microgaming. Below is a list of the 10 top online sports betting sites:

#10 Betdaq


Betdaq is reliable and trustworthy; and they’re good enough to land the 10th spot even though they’re still relatively new. Their strong suit is their low commission rates (you’d be surprised at the high rates other sites have). You can expect the same gamut of features in Betdaq, like sign-up bonuses and promos. Great things are in the offing for Betdaq. It won’t surprise us if they grab one of the high spots in this list in the near future.

#9 Betfair


This online sports betting site revolutionized the online betting world when they introduced the sports betting exchange. The sports betting exchange is unique because you pool your bets against other bettors (so it’s not you vs. the sportsbook). Aside from the exchange, Betfair has added a traditional sportsbook feature on their site to appeal to the more traditional bettor.

#8 Ladbrokes


You can actually see several Ladbrokes betting shops all around Europe. These shops can actually take your deposits or can pay you your winnings. Ladbrokes offers a lot of options for payments, deposits and withdrawals. You are assured of your winnings because of these physical stores’ presence. They also have a matched bet promo for new signees. Look out for their other promos as well as they offer one regularly.

#7 Totesport


Totesport was under the control of the British government for a long time before it was privatized. Today, Totesport, in England that is, is synonymous to horse racing. They are huge supporters of the sport and you can bet that their spreads in horse racing are very competitive as well. Their track record (having operated for decades) should give you a clue of their reliability and trustworthiness.

#6 ComeOn!


Comeon! wouldn’t be a big name it is today if they did not provide superior customer support and quick payouts. And they did all this even though they’re relatively new in the market. Their bonuses and promos are a huge attraction. They have a system whereby you earn points by executing actions in their website. These accumulated points can be exchanged for gifts and prizes from their store.

#5 BetVictor


BetVictor proves its reliability and trustworthiness by offering a money-back scheme. You are also assured of quick pay-outs and a committed customer support team. They are known to have the best odds—which a lot of bettors favor.

#4 Sky Bet

Sky Bet

SkyBet was the first online gambling site to offer a no deposit bet to new players. This was a risky move but it showed their complete trust to their customers. It somehow put their bettors at ease knowing they don’t have to shell out cash in order to bet with them. This promo is no longer available now and has since been replaced with a free bet offer.

#3 BetFred


BetFred proves its commitment to its bettors by giving out generous bonuses to them. They also implement numerous promotions throughout the day. Betfred has a high matched bet offer and offer a lot of special bets. You can also expect fast payouts in Betfred.

#2 Bet365


They give out a remarkably high sign-up bonus and their promos come out frequently. What sets Bet365 apart is that their betting requirement is set very low. This means less risk for the new bettor. Same as the other sites, Bet365 has a commitment to fast payouts. This is good news if you’re on a winning streak.

#1 Coral


Coral takes the top spot because not only do they have a free bet option but they also have a cash-back guarantee. You just can’t find a lot of online betting sites that offer both specials. On top of that, they have great bonuses and rewards. Check out their website too—it’s aesthetically superb and very easy to use.

With these most reliable sports betting sites available, you can now bet as much as you want and enjoy your winnings!

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